Flamenco Skirt For Japan

japan skirt

This will be our first project with one big company in Japan. Producing a flamenco skirt for our buyer in Japan.

So far producing woman dresses, skirts and hijabs become our daily job. We work with many customers all around the world, they also have their own style and colors to choose. But this Japan company is different!

We do love to work with them! It’s not because they are big company, or famous one in Japan. But work with them as our GURU in fashion business. We got a lot of knowledge and a role model how to run business from zero to hero

We can also learn about beautiful culture and good habit to be successful person and company. It’s really miracle from God to have this project with Mr. Eji and his team from Japan.

Now we are on sample project step, before we go to huge orders InsyaAllah! We are so happy to work with them. How details info and simple thing are written on the paper. This is new for us, and give extra challenge for our team.

Hopefully we can fit their demand, and will start the project very soon!

Thank you JAPAN


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