Mimamia Hijab Goes to UK!


Khimar 3 Layers Chiffon Viscose

It was not the first time for us to deliver our hijab to UK, we have some loyal buyers who placed their orders with us.

But this time, we have a surprise for our loyal buyer in Rotherham – Waverley United Kingdom. She has been working with us since 2015 and had repeated orders until now. Most of her orders are Khimar Style, the maxi instant hijab made from polyester stretch material, chiffon, and georgette.

She wanted to order 40 inch length hijab, that cover up the hijabee style for her customers in UK. We tried our best to send her some designs to choose, but she also sent us the preferred design she wanted to have. And she ordered label tag for her own brand.

We understand that many customers complaining about shipping from Indonesia to abroad. Comparing the product price to shipping cost itself is unreasonable sometimes. But we always offer our customers with some cargo / shipping options, to cut the expensive cost.

Then she chose Sea Mail by Pos Indonesia to deliver her order, and it will take 2-3 months to reach her country. She knew it will take longer time, but this strategy will give her good competitive price to sell in UK, and it’s work! She got good respond from her buyers for the quality of hijab we made, and the competitive price she offered.

And the next order was coming again to our e-mail, we produced custom design hijab for her. Production time takes 3-4 weeks to do, then we check the shipping cost via Sea Mail, she agreed to use the same shipping term and already paid the charge. But lucky her, we check TNT Cargo for shipping cost to UK – 22 kg, WOW the price is not so expensive, and only charged you couple of dollars.

Ummu Ameerah.jpg

Customer’s feedback!

We discuss with our team, and finally decide to go with TNT cargo for her shipment. We didn’t inform her about this, and we DO NOT asking any additional charge, because we commit to give our best services for our loyal customers. TNT cargo take 3 – 5 days to reach her country, it’s best way to go at the moment.

Taraaa … surprise for her, She received the package after 4 days .. and we are glad to hear that she loved the product we made! Thank you sister, we are waiting for your next order

Tips for you : Ask your supplier to check some different cargo company, to check the shipping cost. and always order in bulk, minimum 20 kg to get cheaper shipping cost.



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