Bondowoso Embroidery go International


Adopting traditional design as your fashion style is a brilliant way to show who you are. Some people believe that wearing a traditional design, a culture style will give “the rich soul” in your modern style

Recently, Ivan Gunawan one of a famous multi-talented designer from Indonesia, has launched some collections that combining batik pattern in modern way, to get the modern look but still bringing the heritage soul in his design.

He inspires lot of people, especially the young generation to love our heritage, to know our culture better and the most important is to wear it as our lifestyle! by giving fresh idea how to wear batik in modern and casual look.

Batik is not the only one of Indonesia culture, we inherit many different culture especially in fashion from our ancestors and still become our lifestyle until this day. People wear it as their daily fashion style.


Bondowoso Embroidery on Cardigan

Embroidery is also one of our culture in fashion style, every city in Indonesia has different character and pattern how to apply the embroidery onto their fabric.

Mimamia as one of fashion manufacture, trying to introduce this culture to the world by producing Kaftan with hand embroidery for our buyer in UK. Producing embroidery on kaftan or another fashion style is not the first time for mimamia.

We get good feedback and have some loyal buyers who place their order repeatedly for embroidery fashion style from all over the world. We work with local artist, especially women in Bondowoso, by giving them the mutual benefit in economic to get extra income for their family and also to keep this heritage well known by our generation now and in the future.



3 thoughts on “Bondowoso Embroidery go International

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    • sepertinya kalau bordir gak seperti batik yang punya ciri khas tertentu mbak 🙂
      kalau bordir hampir semuanya mirip dan sama, teknik seperti ini juga bisa ditemui di bordir pasuruan, dan beberapa kota-kota lain


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