Eid Fashion Festival

Eid Fitr is one of biggest celebration of Muslim all over the world, after one full month fasting in Ramadhan month. Every country even every city (in muslim country) has different way to celebrate the Eid Fest, but the same thing is “New Look” in Fashion!

During Ramadhan, we got lot of orders from our buyers all over the world. They want some new stocks for their Eid Stock Market! Indonesia, as one of the biggest Muslim population country, has a role as one of the biggest supplier for Muslim fashion industry.

We have many designers, especially Muslim fashion designers that influence the fashion style trend this Ramadhan. Every designer present her/his design to public and you may choose the preferred design idea for your Eid Fashion.

This year, we work with our buyer from UK, to produce Kaftan / Farasha dress with embroidery and beautiful crystal embellishment. Kaftan and Farasha is known as Middle East fashion style but become very popular worldwide because of its design. Looks so elegant and pretty glam on you!

How do we work ?

It’s not easy for us to present the “as seen on picture” product! We do our best to produce the design, at least similar to what our buyer want, by communicating every single detail with her.

She started to contact us via e-mail, and asking … can we help her to produce farasha on her own design?, She sent some pictures of the design she preferred to have for her Kaftan. We discussed about the material, the detail measurement and embroidery.

We gave her the color chart of the fabric, then replied us with total order list. The payment must be fully paid in advance. We need minimum one month to produce 50 Kaftan as we do a handmade embroidery, and also take extra time to put the crystal beads.

Then finally the day is coming! Here one of our handmade embroidery farasha! shipped to UK 🙂


hand embroidery farasha


Farasha / Kaftan by mimamia Indonesia


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