Mimamia 2nd Anniversary


It’s been 2 years moving my business to my hometown Bondowoso! Just like blinking your eyes, and here we are in the second years of Fashion Business.

Starting my own “registered” company in May 2014 and started to open fashion manufacture in my hometown was out of my mind, until God really set me to set up this company after I found my co-partner cheat me in this biz.

I was a secretary at export – import company in Surabaya city and lived there for over 10 years, while I was doing my own business as fashion trader. I worked with some tailors from different cities, then finally met a tailor from my hometown to work with.


Production Line

It was good cooperationship between me and her. She has no job and need to earn additional income supporting her family. We agreed to work together, she produced the hijab for me, I supplied her the material and bought her high speed sewing machine.

Then after 1 years, I found that she cheat me by selling my fabric to her neighbors and stole my fabric for her private dress. I was shocked to know it! It was a nightmare because I got orders from my buyer in Canada and Singapore, but she did not finished it, and the fabrics were gone!


Cutting Department

It’s really sad when someone you trusted betraying you, but I knew this was a test from Allah, and I knew He would help me. Lucky me to have my cool parent, they supported me to start my own fashion enterprise.

I started my business in my parent’s house. Willingly they shared guestroom to be my “mini workshop”. I hired 3 staffs graduated from Bondowoso fashion school, and Alhamdulillah my business running good, we added more machine within 3 months and hired more staff supporting our production line.

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In May 2015, we rented bigger house for our “midi workshop”. My parent’s house could not fit my business anymore. We need more spaces for our fabrics, machines and larger areas for production line.

We expand our markets up to Africa and Canada, and keep supporting our loyal buyers from all over the world. We are not only producing hijab, but also all muslim fashion like abaya, kaftan, tunic, jelebiya, niqab and some custom designs from our buyers.

Running fashion business is not as easy as people thought! We also had some problems in customer’s complains, internal problems, financial cash flow and also staff. Not all staffs stayed working with us, there were coming and leaving,  but Alhamdulillah Allah always help us by sending super team to work with!

On our second anniversary, we would love to thank you to all of our buyers wherever you are, thank you for supporting us by become our loyal buyers so far, and thank you to all of our parents, best friends, team and lovely people who always support us.

Now we are ready for another new challenges, we would like to expand our markets up to South Africa, South America and Russia by next year InsyaAllah!


The Last Warrior 😉


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