Niqab : First Order from Philippine


Philippine is one of ASEAN Country member, and very close to Indonesia, but we have not get any orders yet from this country since we started our business.

We had several customers from Philippine, asking about the products in between 2014 – 2015, unfortunately it didn’t lead us to the business deals untill we met this new buyer from Zamboanga city – Philippine.

She sent us business inquiry via trading website, asking about maxi khimar and requested about 3 layers niqab. Glad that we made the good deal with her, by starting niqab & khimar trial order for her.


We produce 3 layers niqab in 43 inch length from premium chiffon material. Though it was not the first time to produce niqab, we still need to ask detail measurement and design of her order, we just do not want to disappointed her.

Finally our product fit her request. We produce niqab in black color only, following her order. She wanted breathable material but not seen through. We choose chiffon which has light, smooth and breathable type.

Sent her some pictures of the niqab before sending the package. Asking her opinion about the design and material. We also suggest her to add more “small layers” on her niqab, because when we try to wear it under the sunshine, people can see the “smile” behind the niqab.

We always try to discuss and take “smart” initiative in producing the item to fit our buyer’s request. We don’t want to make mistakes by producing wrong idea of every orders we get. We try to learn from our mistakes of previous orders we had, hopefully we will be better and best company in fashion industry!

Thank you Philippine!


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