Purchasing Outfit at Online Shop


Buying dress or shoes and another outfit online is becoming our lifestyle nowadays. What we see on model could inspire us or persuade us to buy.

People enjoying shopping at online shop as they have no much time to do “a window shopping” . But some people still enjoying “a conventional shopping”, they prefer to check the outfit by their own eyes and feel it with hand.

There are always a good and bad side in everything you do. Doing window shopping will take you lot of time to go here and there checking price, design and material, but you can fit the dress directly. And buying dress online it is easier to get, but if it does not fit to you, then you will waste your money.

Some online shops offer you “a return service” but it will also cost you more money. So we have some tips for you who love to do Online Shopping.

When you visit a “branded product” website, mostly they have perfect website that lead you to the product you are looking for. They also have standard measurement of their product.


But if you buy from “personal shops”, they don’t have much info about their detail product. They might inform you about “size” like S – XL, but they don’t know the detail measurement.

What you need to know before you go Online Shopping, please make sure that you really know your “BODY SIZE and TYPE”. What will look good on you .. what will fit you and what material will comfort you!

Do :

  1. Buy outfit because you REALLY need it
  2. Check the material they use for the outfit you wanna buy
  3. Check or ask the size measurement, especially the bust, hip and the length size for abaya or dress
  4. Check the colors that fit to your outlook and skin tone
  5. Please make sure if the outfit is machine washable or need to do dry clean only
  6. Waiting for promo or discount on certain days that usually every webshop offer you weekly or monthly.
  7. Payment  and Delivery terms are also big deal to choose before you buy your things
  8. If you order a custom made dress, please inform the supplier the detail measurements of your body size. It will help them to produce the best outfit of yours


Don’t :

  1. Do not buy something because you like “the looks” on model
  2. Do not shop when you are not in “good mood”, it will lead you to buy “wasting things”
  3. Do not send your payment before you check and re-check about the supplier info or supplier rate
  4. Do not waste your money on “SALE PROMO” but you will not use it as your daily need.
  5. Do not take the “lower size or bigger size” of the outfit you want to buy, and hope to repair it at tailor, it will charge you more money for sure!


Happy Shopping and be wise of your money!


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