Best Outfit for Eid Hajj


Finding the best outfit for you yourself is quite easy if you really understand who you are. It’s not about what the trends and styles are in now, but all depend on your confidence!

We know that we have our own cultural background on wearing dress, the style we wear nowadays could be set up by “ourselves” many years ago, following the rule, cultures, habit that we saw in our daily life, or someone’s style might inspire how the way we dress up.


Wearing outfit as daily wear is totally different to occasional dress, especially if you have to attend a wedding party, gala dinner or attending Islamic festival. We need to choose the best outfit to respect the event and as a “self code” to impress the people we meet.

Telling people about who you are by wearing the best outfit on you is a great shot to do. We do not need to talk more but fashion will do! And the best outfit on you is an outfit that you feel good on the inside!

Choose your outfit and make your own style! Everyone is deserved to be the way they are. One of best quote from Gianni Versace is

Don’t be into trends, Don’t make fashion own you, But you DECIDE what you are

Never limit your imagination about fashion, as long as comfort you and keep the modesty, it will be okay to wear, but remember we need to be smart to mix and match not only about colors, prints, and design, but also “occasion and event” we would like to attend with our dress.


Here we design one of best outfit for Eid Hajj Festival, white kaftan abaya in premium Italy lace, with silk satin lining inside. The seamless sleeves, narrow bottom cut give you an elegant look on your best day!

We do love the details of the embroidery on it. You can wear as wedding dress as well! Available in stock fit to XL size, free delivery within Netherlands. Please e-mail us for price and detail info


Happy Jumma Mubarak!


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