Mimamia : Empowering Mothers


Bondowoso Woman

Do What You Love … Love What You Do!

A powerful quote that always become my favorite quotes, and yes I do love my job! to be an entrepreneur in fashion business for 8 years, it was not easy to pass till today, but I did it. Because I do what I love, and I always try to love every single step I do.

I try to remember all those days I passed to achieve what I have today, it was long and winding roads. There were lot of obstacles, challenges, and of course Joys I passed. I am not gonna say that I am successful person, there  is still long way to go, but I am thankful to God of what I achieved until this day.

Working in this business, is not merely talk about profit and loss, or become so popular because people know your brand. The most important thing is … mimamia can support people to achieve what they dream as well.

Since 2014, we started our private company in Bondowoso city, we have been working with local people, especially multi-talented women that supporting our team to produce best fashion products for you.

We hire our team, graduated from Fashion School in Bondowoso (Vocational High School), and most of them are coming from low income families, that could not continue to higher education level.


They are beautiful teenagers with beautiful personality, they also have “big dream” to achieve higher education, and become a successful woman someday!

By running this business in Bondowoso, a small town in East Java Indonesia – labelled as one of the poorest district in Indonesia, we help government to create “job vacancy” for them and pay them higher compare to other jobs sector in this city.

We also allow our team to have part time job, take some day off if they want to continue their study to the higher level. Usually they will take day off on Saturday to join their Saturday- Sunday college.

Beside working with our main team, we also work with co-team. They support us by working from their home, mostly they are mothers from low income families, who want to support their family life.


Hand Embroidery Artwork

They are multi-talented local people with hand embroidery skill, supporting our team on embroidery department. We deliver the cloths to their home, they live in the suburban / village. The purity soul of them and how the way they work, make our products become the most favorite item in Kaftan and Farasha market.


Bondowoso traditional House – Living in Harmony

By supporting us as co-team, they earn good money and can send their children to school or higher education level. Mostly they love to send their children to Islamic Boarding School, and you know .. one of our team, can send her son until to university!

This is one of mimamia’s goal! become one of steady company in Bondowoso even in Indonesia, and become part of this world to empower women. And the most important thing is .. all of we do is not because of me that help them pursuing their dreams, but all of this is because of Allah ..everything is coming from Him, and will return to Him


Traditional Housing in Bondowoso – A Bamboo House


Road to the Suburban

Alhamdulillah .. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun ..I am not lucky woman, but I am blessed woman. Thank you to my husband who always become my BIG Supporter! and to all family, my best friends and my super team, I am so lucky to have all of you!

Last but not least .. to all our valued buyers all over the world, I would love to say Abundantly Thank You for trusting us as one of your supplier.

With Love

Ericka Abdullah


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