Modest Sport-wear for Muslim Woman


Modest Sport Wear for Muslim Woman

Become a hijabi woman, it’s not merely have to stay at home all day long  doing household chores, not even have to stop your education class. To be a hijabi woman, you can worshiping Allah and be yourself!

Every muslim women (muslimah) also have the same rights as men in achieving their life’s goals. In this case, women and men are equal, yet we understand in some countries which have muslim populations, they have different cultures about raising women and men, then they labeled it as “Islamic Lifestyles”  instead of “Tradition”

Indonesia is one of the world biggest muslim population country. We have a lot of tribes, races, cultures and traditions which are become “a lifestyles” in our daily life. And those parts also influence how we dress.


Jersey Poly Gym Wear

Indonesia has became a trend-setter of muslim fashion around the world. Many designers create fashions that supporting muslim women to look fabulous yet in modesty. Mimamia takes a part by producing custom design muslim wears, not only abaya and hijab, but we also produce “MUSLIM SPORTWEAR”

If you ever heard about burkini, a swimsuit for muslim women, now we have a gym wear that you can wear it for jogging, light exercise at fitness center, or morning walk around the park.


Drapery Technique for Modest Sport Wear

This design was “failed design” for man street-wear fashion of our buyer in Amsterdam. He was ordering “street-style thobe” with drapery technique. But the result was “too girly looks” for his market, and it was not acceptable.

It was so sad when you started your project but failed. Then a wise man said there is always a chance behind your failures to turn it as a champ! I tried to wear it on my own in the morning, stood in front of mirror near the open window.

Fresh air gave me a great idea! I wore it along with my running shoes then walked outside around the neighborhood. Wow .. people glanced at me passing by the street, I didn’t know what was on their mind, but I did enjoy this “drapery thobe” shirt.


Modest Sport Wear for Muslimah

I asked my staff to take my picture on this shirt, then shared it with some sisters who love sports as well. They gave me good responds, and asked me to make it for them! I also shared with some customers.. SURPRISEEE .. they love it!

This Modest Sport-wear is not widely worn yet, but I believe in 2017 .. people will order this style for more! I think need to re-designing the shirt a bit .. what do you think? please share your idea and let’s make it come true!


Be Yourself Be real You!



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