Hijab Style in 2017


Chiffon Stripes Hijab

Hijab is a part of Iconic Fashion Styles, as a symbol of muslim women in daily styles. You can see many muslim women with hijab (called hijabi) all over around the world.

They have their own hijab style, every country has it’s own styles, and every woman has her “iconic” styles as well. So what is hijab meaning for muslim woman ? Should every muslim women wear hijab as daily outfit ?

Well.. I am not going to explain about hijab in Islam nor to write deeper about it, but I will write based on what I understand as muslim woman. Hijab in Islam is a cloth that cover up your whole body top to toes, hiding your shapes, hijab should not transparent nor seen through. 


Turban Style Hijab

But nowadays people mentioned hijab as “head scarf” that cover up your head up to your breast part, in order to keep your modesty while you are outside the house. And every woman may choose what the hijab styles suit to her!

Hijab has become a part of fashion, and talking about fashion is always connected with trend. Now we are going to talk about hijab fashion trend in 2017. What material, pattern, and styles will be the trend.

Instant Shawl


Instant Shawl – Heavy Chiffon

People get used to wear instant shawl, due to “fast moving” lifestyle. Instant shawl is a pinless hijab, that you can wear directly, like one slip on hijab but still in style like you wear loose scarf with lot of pin on it!

We have many different style of instant hijab, we produce instant hijab based on customer orders. Mostly, people from Europe, they prefer to wear “pashmina style” ! So this is the instant shawl we produce for “pashmina style” looks.

Malaysian people call it Halfmoon Shawl or Tudung Halfmoon. This instant shawl is famous in Singapore and Malaysia market.

But for Indonesia market, some people love to wear one slip on instant hijab with cap, they love to wear hijab with cap, to shape their face bit longer as most of them have round face type.


One Slip On Khimar – Instant Maxi Hijab

Heavy Chiffon Shawl

Chiffon is famous material’s name for hijabi, but now we have the new one called Heavy ChiffonThe material is light and breathable but heavier compare to chiffon.


Instant Heavy Chiffon Shawl

We can also produce instant shawl using this material. It’s very comfortable to wear in any season. The flow of the fabric while you wearing it, fall beautifully on your shape. Heavy chiffon give you elegant look yet casual as well.

Rayon Spandex Shawl (Viscose Material)

This material is famous in USA market, soft and smooth material which contains 80% cotton and 20% polyester spandex. It’s stretchy and breathable material. Suitable for summer and winter season, even people from Africa love this material.


Instant Rayon Jersey Hijab – 2 Face Slip On

Rayon materia has many beautiful colors from soft to bright colors. People use this material for inner hijab and instant shawl as well. Some people do tie dye on this material for different pattern style!


Jersey Rayon Shawl by mimamia fashion

Italian Satin Scarf

Italian satin scarf is widely worn by women all over the world, not only muslim women. We know Turkish hijab style is well known with silk satin scarf. Now the trend is Italian Satin Pashmina in many beautiful plain shiny colors.


Silk Satin Square Scarf

There are lot of different quality of satin, we have some of those type of satin fabric. If you prefer to have dull satin / doff color satin (not so shiny), we have this Italian silk satin, it’s heavier compare to standard satin


Orange Silk Satin Scarf – Trend 2017

If you prefer shiny light satin, we also have this kind of material. It’s cheaper but still look elegant when you wear it. You may also add the beads or lace to make it more beautiful and suitable for evening gown.

Hand Embroidery Shawl

This style is not so famous yet, as less people working on embroidery, especially hand embroidery. But our company, has been working on this style since last three years. We produced halfmoon hand embroidery scarf.

Simple embroidery design will give you elegant look. Hand embroidery stitching has become the most beautiful embroidery art in tailoring department.

We choose chiffon material with embroidery lining on it. You may use satin as well, it’s look so elegant and fancy. We believe that it will be trend in 2017!


Hand Embroidery Chiffon Scarf



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