Hijab Challenge!

Hello dear ladies!


Oval Face Hijab Style

Have you ever think to do Hijab Challenge Games? If you are a hijabista and really love to have good looking hijab style everyday, or you just start to wear hijab .. or ..you wear hijab but you think you are on “Boring Style” ..

So .. why don’t we start to do Hijab Challenge in this early 2017! Make-up Challenge was trend lately, now I want to invite you to do Hijab Challenge by showing your old style and dare to try new style on you!face

Hijab style is already become one of fashion style nowadays, especially in Indonesia. Lot of women change their fashion style into Hijabi Style. And luckily ..it’s easy for us to get many kind of hijab and shawl in every shop along with muslimah outfit

But not all muslim women dare to try something new .. “out of the box muslimah fashion” They wear standard fashion muslimah, just “boring style” everyday! Few muslimah dare to mix and match their hijab style.

I believe that every muslimah also want to have “different fresh look” on their fashion-style, just because they afraid to look weird under their hijab then they stop to try something new.

This post I write is about how to have different look on wearing hijab but keep in modesty. People think .. only oval face is suitable for any hijab style. Yup ..it’s correct that oval face is fit to any hijab style, but it doesn’t mean any other face shape can not fit to other hijab style.

First of all, we need to understand what face shape we have, what style do you want to have on your daily style. Just like putting make up on our face, hijab also has similar trip and trick to do.

Some people want to hide the wide and chubby cheek, shaping the face shape to look slimmer, longer or more oval shape. While others want to add the volume on their hijab by putting the hair bun or wearing inner hijab under the hijab.

Today we will show you how hijab can change your style! Please check this basic inner tudung / inner hijab, see how the different look of this basic inner can give you! Green or Purple suit you?


People wear this inner tudung / inner ninja / inner hijab as under layer hijab to keep your modesty  on the windy days, or while wearing light chiffon to avoid seen through the hair.

Next we will show you the different face shape wearing different style of hijab. We choose square shape, Inverted triangle and Oval shape face.

Square Face Shape


Square Shape Face Hijabi

Square face shape looks so edgy on her jaw, we want to challenge her to look fresh by narrowing her cheek to jaw part and also forehead part.


wearing instant shawl

Giving a cross-over touch on forehead part to shape the wide forehead into shaped one, and we choose 2 faces instant shawl from mimamia latest collection. Made from Rayon spandex material, a cool touch material, stretchy and smooth fabric, will give you drapery effect when you wear it.


Intant Shawl

This instant shawl is pinless shawl, you can adjust the length of shawl by styling the second loop shawl as you preferred. On first loop, we attached the elastic band that help to fit to every shape of face.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The diamond embellishment beads on the top of your shawl, give you elegant modern look!


Oval Face

Camera 360

Oval Face Shape Hijabi

Oval face fit to any hijab style, but we want to give another fresh look on this shape.

We choose chiffon shawl and instant crepe khimar for oval face. Add volume on head part and bit loose shawl to get the casual chic hijab style. Turban Style also nice to try for daily outfit.


Turban Style


Inverted Triangle Face Shape


Inverted Triangle Face Shape Hijabi

We saw lot of teenagers and adult wearing this kind of hijab style in Indonesia, square scarf hijab with high cap or instant hijab with cap as under below :


Instant Hijab Indonesia

It’s so boring style right ? Now let’s try something new, fresh and fabulous ..check it out!


Hijab Wrapping Style

Wrapping your hijab on your inner tudung will give you an elegant formal look, then put your shawl as accessory on your shoulder, this style is suitable for muslim business woman style who want to look fabulous yet in modesty.


Stripes Chiffon Shawl

You may also try this look for dramatic hijab style. Take your heavy chiffon printed shawl on your inner tudung, put one edge on the left side and then pin it. Bring the left over shawl to the right side up to your head, and then make a rose roll on the top of your head, pin it!

Are you ready for your Hijab Challenge? tag us #mimamiahijabchallenge on our instagram account @mimamia.fashion or share your picture on our fb account mimamia hijab.. !


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